KVINFO hosts two study groups that focus on gender studies: KVINFO’s Women Praxis Collective and KVINFOs studiekreds (KVINFO’s Study Group).


KVINFO’s Women Praxis Collective

KVINFO’s Women’s Praxis Collective has since 2015 fulfilled the need for a diverse space for women desiring to engage in the topic of gender studies in English.  The group is comprised of participants of both an international as well as a local Danish background, who seek to create a collective space of learning and understanding.

With a common interest and passion in advocating for women’s rights, they seek to learn more about the diverse narratives of our collective stories. They have covered e.g.: Intersectional Studies, Masculinities, Roots and current voices of Feminism in Latin America and Islamic Feminism and Orientalism. In the pipeline for 2017 are topics such as: Deconstructing Whiteness, Transnational Feminism, Gender and Pornography and Introduction to Queer Gender Studies.

The collective also arrange interventions and events such as 'Panel discussion on patriarchy and how to disrupt patriarchy within the field of global health' with international guest speakers. The group also took part in the Women's March on January 21st 2017.

The group meets monthly, and from time to time organizes guest speaker events. The meetings are held in English at CBS and KVINFO.

For more information see their website. If you are interested in joining, contact Beatriz Hernandez de Fuhr (beatriz.hernandez@kvinfo.dk)


KVINFOs studiekreds

KVINFOs studiekreds is a study group that discusses texts within feminist theory and gender research based on the interests of the participants.

The participants take turns doing short and informal presentations on a text that the whole group has read. Afterwards the rest of the participants join the discussion in order to fully grasp the meaning of the text.

The participants of the study group represent a wide spectrum of ages, genders and educational backgrounds. In order to join it is preferable to have a basic knowledge about the theories of gender studies and an interest in feminism.

You will be part of a group that values interesting and lively discussions, where everyone helps each other learn more about the subjects at hand.

Regular attendance is expected. Each participant will give a presentation about twice a year.

The meetings are in Danish and are held at KVINFO.

The meetings are open to regular members of the study group. If you are interested in joining, contact Jutta Vikman (juttavikman@gmail.com).