The state of Israel was established in 1948 and is the world’s only state with a Jewish majority population. It is a representative democracy, the prime minister is head of government and Knesset is the legislative body.
The country has received Jewish immigrants from Europe, North America, The Middle East, Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union.
Since the establishment of the state, ongoing conflicts have been running between Israel and the Palestinians and Israel and the neighboring Arab states, leading to several wars.
In 2011 hundreds of thousands of Israelis took to the streets in several major cities to demonstrate for greater social justice and opposing the increasing living expenses and the deterioration of public health and education services.


Total population


Female population


Total 0-14 years


Total 15-64 years


Total 64 years and over (2015 est.)


Life expectancy at birth (women, 2013)

84 years

Fertility rate (2012)

2.9 child born/woman

Total literacy rate (2011 est.)

97.76 %

Total literacy rate among females

96,84 %

School life expectancy ( primary to tertiary education)

16 years

Female enrolment at higher education