Denmark is the most southern of the Nordic countries and one of the oldest monarchies in the world. Since 1849 it has been a constitutional monarchy, and the monarch today is Queen Margareth II.
The Faroe Islands and Greenland are part of the Danish Realm, but the countries have had autonomous self-rule since 1948 and 1979 respectively.
Danish society is built on the Danish constitution of 1849, the prime minster is head of government, and the national, parliamentary legislature is Folketinget. Politics are based on consensus politics, and the political system has traditionally been characterized by coalitions and broad solutions across the political divide. 
Denmark is a quite liberal country regarding sexual matters, and was the first country in the world to legalize pornography in 1969. Abortion was fully legalized in 1973.
With one of the highest taxation levels in the world and a number of services such as health and education free for all, Denmark is a strong welfare state. The country has been a member of the European Union since 1973, but is not part of the Eurozone.
In September 2011 Denmark got its first female prime minister, the Social Democrat Helle Thorning-Schmidt.


Total population (2014 est.)


Female population


Total 0-14 years


Total 15-64 years

Total 64 years and over


Life expectancy at birth (women, 2013)

82 years

Fertility rate (2012)

1,9 child born/woman

Total literacy rate

99 %

Total literacy rate among females

99 %

School life expectancy ( primary to tertiary education)

19 years

Female enrolment at higher education*

56 %

*Higher education is the degree after achieving the high-school diploma.

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