KVINFO's Mentor Network 2.0 is an offer in the North Zealand and Copenhagen area which gives people the opportunity to become a voluntary mentor for female and male mentees with a non-Danish ethnic background.

Mentors and mentees work together to find ways for the mentee to best achieve their personal goals, fulfil their potential and thereby advance the integration process. 

We encourage mentors and mentees to base their partnership on a foundation of mutual exchange. The mentor process creates an intercultural relationship which creates the framework for a partnership that not only involves respect for difference, but also exchange and interaction between difference. 

The Mentor Network 2.0 offers diverse events to support these principles such as street sport and baking workshops, where mentors and mentees have the opportunity to get together informally, exchange experiences and network across partnerships.

The network has been in operation since 2002, and over 8300 members have benefited from the programme. 

KVINFO would like to say a big thank you to the Social Ministry, The Egmont Fund, Agency for Employment and Recruitment, The Tryg Fund and The Bikuben Fund for their financial support of the Mentor Network.