The headline for this project is enhancing research and documentation of women's history in Egypt and across the Arab region. A part of the project focuses on publishing printed and digital versions of the memoirs of Hawa Idris, a pioneer Egyptian feminist.  Another part includes a series of gender training workshops open to postgraduate students, emerging scholars as well as staff of women’s organizations and other NGOs. And a third part contains a study visit to Denmark, including KVINFO and the Women’s Museum in Denmark, in order to develop the staff members of Women and Memory Forum in terms of contemporary and up-to date methods for documentation, preservation and exhibition of material on women’s history. Finally, the project contains an element concerning updating, maintenance and outreach expansion of the Who is She Database that Women and Memory Forum is running in Egypt.  
The project has three objectives:
  • To improve access to information on work and lives of pioneer women in Egypt and across the Arab Region.
  • To increase knowledge of gender studies and women’s history in Egypt and across the region.
  • To maintain a fruitful dialogue between Egyptian and Danish organizations regarding gender studies and women’s history.
Women and Memory Forum has worked together with KVINFO on several occasions. WMF in collaboration with KVINFO launched an online expert database “Who is She in Egypt” in 2010. The database sheds light on professional achievements of contemporary Egyptian women and raises public awareness on experts and competent Egyptian women in all fields. Women and Memory Forum also co-opted with KVINFO in organizing regional conferences in Egypt and Denmark and publishing a book about Islamic Feminism.
The project targets international researchers and academics on gender and women' studies in Egypt and across the Arab Region, Women’s rights advocates and activists, Students at national universities in Egypt, the media and general public.


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