Smaller grants for project preparation, identification of partners etc. are not included in this list. Information about them can be obtained from KVINFO.

Combating  Gender Based Violence in Hebron

DK partner: Danish Palestinian Women's Organization
MENA  partner: Aman Society Center for Counseling, Development and Community Health
Grant date: 11.03.15
Grant amount: DKK 326.401

Description: The project aims to prevent gender based violence in Hebron, Palestine.
The situation in Hebron with occupation, poverty and widespread unemployment has put families under pressure and the frustrations all too often result in violence. The project will educate participants about women’s 

Challenge My Story

DK partner: Digital Story Lab
MENA  partner: onlinemagasinet 7iber, Zarqa Community Development Committee og Al Balad Theatre.
Grant date: 11.03.15
Grant amount: 306.060

Description: The project will educate a number of young people in digital storytelling and use it to strengthen the public debate about gender and women’s rights. The participants are young volunteers from the online magazine 7iber and from the Community Development Committee in Jordan’s largest refugee camp Zarqa. Aside from producing concrete stories from the participants’ daily life, the project aims to develop a model for the use of personal, digitally narrated stories in the gender debate.

Billboard/Poster Project, Casablanca Spring 2015

DK partner: Hanne Lise Thomsen and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
MENA partner: École Superieure des Beaux Arts and The Slaughterhouse, Casablanca
Grant payment date: 04.03.14
Grant amount: DKK 99,000

Description: The objective is to establish a billboard project in Casablanca through which contemporary Moroccan women artists can work together with students from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and École Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Casablanca to present their own personal and artistic works in the public sphere.

Kbeer Refugee Documentary Project

DK partner: Turning Tables
MENA partner: Syrian Eyes, Lebanon
Grant payment date: 30.06.14
Grant amount: DKK 99,000
Description: This project is taking place in Lebanon’s Kbeer refugee camp, and it is focussing on creating a so-called 'safe space' – a place where refugees can speak freely about the traumas they have endured. As a platform that gives a voice to the voiceless, this project depicts the suffering of women and brings what they have to say to the world. This will be achieved by means of a ‘docu-drama’ film, in which the women will reconstruct their traumatic experiences. The film premieres in March 2015.

Turning Tables Lab Jordan

DK partner: Turning Tables
MENA partner: The Zarqa Community Development Committee (CDC), Jordan
Grant payment date: 30.06.14
Grant amount: DKK 906,957
Description:  The primary goal of this project has been the empowerment of women refugees and marginalised women and girls by giving them the qualifications, the means and methods to share their psychological traumas. The project has also enabled these women to express their dissatisfaction, their hopes and their dreams creatively, whilst simultaneously breaking down stereotypes. The project has set up a production unit in Amman as well as a training platform in the Zarga refugee camp, where Syrian women refugees and marginalised Jordanian-Palestinian young people are gaining technical know-how that can help them develop and express themselves, and where they also have access to facilities and training – not only in human rights, but also in music and film production. 

Stories for Change - using digital storytelling to give voices and create debate on gender and womens rights

DK partner: Digital Storylab
MENA partner: 7iber (NGO), The Jordanian Royal Film Commission and Ruwwad (The Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development), Jordan
Grant payment date: 13.12.13
Grant amount: DKK 65,480
Description: The primary aim of this project has been to find a common ground between 2-3 Jordanian organisations or institutions, with the ultimate objective of developing a joint project based upon digital storytelling. The project began in Palestine by gathering interviews from and pictures of runners at the Palestine Marathon. These video portraits have been used to show how personal stories can be gathered, shared and used in order to present in a visual medium gender-related issues and issues relating to freedom of movement and speech.   

A project with and about women in Egypt, post 25 January Revolution 

DK partner: Aalborg University
MENA partner: Kenana (NGO), Egypt
Grant payment date: 15.11.13
Grant amount: DKK 413,000
Description: The goal of this project has been to bring forth new knowledge and insight into how different Egyptian women view their own situations (now and in the future) in the wake of Mubarak’s ousting in 2011. Through personal interviews and dialogue with Egyptian women, the project has aimed to create a picture of how Egyptian women feel their daily lives have been affected by the situation in Egypt. By doing so, the project has also made it possible to obtain an idea of the changes these women themselves want to make in order to improve their daily lives.  

Right to Movement

DK partner: Here and Away
MENA partner: Right to Movement Palestine and High Council of Youth and Sports, Palestine
Grant payment date: 15.11.13
Grant amount: DKK 350,000
Description: The Palestine Marathon was held for the first time on 21 April 2013 with support from KVINFO. The aim of the marathon was to promote the fundamental human right to freedom of movement. Based on its success in terms of local integration, international participation and widespread media coverage, the Right to Movement organisation has since been set up as an NGO. The primary objective of the Right to Move initiative has been to promote the right to freedom of movement through running events such as the Palestine Marathon in areas where such freedoms are limited, either by physical or cultural barriers or by discrimination. Some of the main goals of the project’s goals have been to organise and hold the 2014 Palestine Marathon and to set up running communities in three other MENA countries.

If I can’t dance – This is not my Revolution

DK partner: Fridtjof Film / House of Real 
MENA partner: Waw-al-Wasel, Beirut
Grant payment date: 01.10.13
Grant amount: DKK 571,827
Description: This project has consisted of a character-driven documentary film with an exiting trans-media dimension that has aimed to bring the audience in contact with the Syrian people. The film highlights the freedoms that the protesters fought for and hoped to achieve during the revolution, and which today seem unattainable dreams. The project has acted as a platform through which the global society has been able to become acquainted with the personal and very human stories of the Syrian people – people who have been robbed of their voice by the revolution. 

Enhancing the possibilities of women’s active involvement in civil society in Kurdish Iraq

DK partner: Kurdiske Kvindeforening Sjælland (Kurdish Women’s Society, Zealand) 
MENA partner: Women’s Union of Kurdistan (WUK)
Grant payment date: 01.09.13
Grant amount: DKK 62,167
Description: The aim of this project has been to support Iraqi women in preparing themselves for participating in civil society and in the political decision-making process. The ultimate goal has been to heighten awareness of the options facing Iraqi women and to pave the way for future collaborations between those active in civil society and representatives of political parties in Iraq, Denmark and the MENA region at large. The most important element of the project has been a workshop that has focussed on women’s active participation in civil society and the organisational development of women’s projects. 

In the Light of Revolution – a Film about Women and Art in Cairo

DK partner: Klassefilm  
MENA partner: DARB1718, Egypt
Grant payment date: 18.09.13
Grant amount: DKK 42,148
Description: This film-based project has aimed at increasing the visibility of women who are actively engaged in developing the civil society of Egypt. The film follows the development of several Egyptian women artists and shows the way they choose to express themselves in relation to the revolution in the country. The film highlights how the daily reality for women has become political, and how this change has influenced their art in a way that it now focusses on and calls for human rights and democracy. The film provides an insight into how art is influenced by political tendencies within the Egyptian society.   

Mediterranean Women's Rights in the Aftermath of the Arab Uprisings

DK partner: Aalborg University, Institute of Political Science
MENA partner: Isis Centre for Women and Development
Grant payment date: 17.06.13. The project is nearing completion
Grant amount: DKK 198,480
Description: The aim of this project has been to establish a link between the academic world and the civil society in Morocco in order to enhance and publicise the debate on equality and women’s rights in the Middle East. This has been achieved by means of a conference, workshops and the publication of two reports. In order to access as wide a network as possible, all of these initiatives have been founded within Moroccan NGOs.