Who can become a KVINFO partner?

Very likely, you can. KVINFO engages in partnerships with various types of partners – organizations, associations, unions and companies.

About what can you co-operate with KVINFO? 

KVINFO carries out public meetings, workshops, lectures, film screenings etc. together with universities, NGOs, media houses, municipalities, local networks and many other types of partners – the only requirement is that you share our interest and intention to contribute to a more equal and diverse society – in Denmark and globally - and that you are interested in doing so together with us. 
You can engage in the area of spurring dialogue and debate on gender and equality in Denmark and the Middle East and North Africa – in Denmark or in the MENA region. In KVINFO's international programme work which has the following themes: Women’s Political Empowerment, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Access to Justice and Gender Research and Documentation you or your organization may also wish to contribute. KVINFO  programme partners are responsible for carrying out projects that are developed, planned and evaluated in a cooperation between KVINFO and its partners. Activities predominately take place in the MENA region.

How do you proceed if you wish to become a partner?

The procedure of how to become a partner varies and KVINFO is always interested in meeting people who have the interest, intention and capacity to conduct meaningful work. You may contact us directly, or you can participate in our numerous public events that are frequently taking place in and around Copenhagen and other cities in Denmark or in our programme countries.

KVINFO's pool for Dialogue and Cooperation on Gender and women’s rights

KVINFO administers the Pool for Dialogue and Cooperation on Gender and Women’s Rights. The pool supports projects with the purpose of strengthening women’s rights and position in the society as well as the debate about gender related topics in the MENA region. The projects must consist of a partnership between at least one partner organization in the MENA region and one partner in Denmark. The pool supports various types of projects such as arts, sports and culture projects with the purpose of promoting women’s active participation in society.