This project aims: 
  • To increase the political participation of women in the southern Jordanian governorates. 
  • To empower them to play an active part in their societies at the local level.
The women are empowered through a number of workshops covering different issues such as the national Jordanian political structures, the assets of joining a (national) political party and the application of human rights in local communities and conflict resolution. The workshops are providing the participants with tools to become more active in their municipalities. 
Women’s political participation in Jordan is generally low with only 18 out of 150 seats in Parliament and 25% of municipal seats being held by women – most of those seats being set by quotas. The low participation is a result of multiple factors including low trust in female politicians within local communities and lack of necessary skills among the women wishing to play a role. Thus, the project aims to equip the women with the necessary skills through training and capacity-building. The women will be trained in order to work on turning negative perceptions around and to make a positive change within their societies.