KVINFO joins Danish and local organisations and institutions in mutually beneficial partnerships. These partnerships form the core of all our projects.

In 2015 close to 8,000 persons were directly involved in KVINFO’s projects and in total nearly 120,000 people were influenced by programme interventions.


At KVINFO, we believe in dialogue. KVINFO values the ability to tolerate, listen to, respect, and learn from diverging views and dialogue is a cross-cutting element of our projects.

Since 2006 KVINFO has had more than 100 partnership projects, working with civil society as well as the public and private sectors. 35 projects are currently active.

Human Rights

KVINFO is determined to apply a human rights based approach in all projects, while acknowledging that different contexts and sectors require different strategies.

Over 10 years KVINFO’s international projects has had a total budget of approximately 190 million Danish Kroner (25.5 million €).

For more information, please write or call +45 33 13 50 88.