This project uses participatory film documentary techniques in the Kbeer Refugee camp in Lebanon in order to document the lives of Syrian refugee women. The project will be carried out with Syrian refugees who will be acting out their own personal stories, participating in writing the script and finding locations for the shooting. The project currently includes 32 female and male Syrian refugees of all ages and will result in a so-called docudrama scheduled for completion in 2015 or the beginning of 2016.
The general aim of the project is to instigate a process of collective trauma-sharing and to be a safe space for the refugees to express themselves. More specifically, the project has three objectives:
  • To bridge the gap between individually experienced atrocities and the overall statistics expressed in mainstream media. 
  • To be a source of information for other refugees and the international public in general.
  • To spread awareness about the sufferings of refugees in a one-to-one way.
The refugees of the Kbeer camp have all experienced tremendous suffering as a result of the war in Syria and they all have personal experiences with trauma. This leaves little room for listening to each other and the refugees therefore have little or no possibility to express individual suffering. The production process in this project is meant as a way for the participating refugees to voice their own experiences and thereby set in motion an empowering process of psycho social support. The docudrama tells the refugees’ stories from the women’s perspective in order to provide a space for debate and for challenging gender stereotypes - giving the women the opportunity to voice their opinions. The docudrama aims to give an honest portrait of the refugee women not as victims, but as resilient women who have taken control of their families’ destinies.