With this project Moroccan handicraft women have the oppurtunity to enhance their possibilities in Moroccan society. Through the course of the project, they are improving their knowledge and skills in techniques, design and production business and marketing skills as well as they are upgrading their ICT and communication skills. 
The cooperation between the Danish Design School and the women artisan network RFA started in 2008. So far, the major achievements have been improvement in leadership, design development, quality control, market contact and sales. However, the women in the network are still able to develop their skills in order to fully mastering their business.
The project aims:
  • To improve the various competences necessary in order to run a business, such as business strategy and planning, market analysis and marketing, improved quality control, planning of production according to market demands, networking and creating business contacts. 
This is achieved through training courses and workshops, participation in exhibitions and fairs and the support to establish a web site for promotion and sales.
Women’s economic participation continues to be a major challenge in Morocco where women constitute only about 26 per cent of the employed, working population. However, women do work and contribute to the economy, since a large share of work in the informal sector is undertaken by women, but this participation and contribution of course do not figure in official statistics over formal work. 
The handicraft sector is an important economic sector in Morocco and employs relatively many women. Despite women’s contribution to the production within the handicraft sector, their leadership and representation in cooperatives as well as in relevant public and economic bodies remains low. The participants in this project will increase their opportunities to succeed as businesswomen and to increase their participation in society in general. 
Based on the positive results and experiences from this project, a new project is now being launched in Tunisia with partners and participants from the Moroccan projects as some of the driving capacities. 


The project is run in a close collaboration between

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A video documentary has been produced from one of the first series workshops in the Tunisian project. Director Naomi Nantois Meadows has kindly made the video available for kvinfo.org