This project aims:

  • To strength women’s leadership through networking and experience sharing.

The participants are around 20 Tunisian women with the potential to become political and civil society actors and leaders, 10 from political parties and 10 from civil society organizations and unions. The women are given training to improve their political communication and leadership skills and develop their skills on strategic planning. In order to enhance their potential, the least experienced women are also given a personal mentor. In the end of the project, 5 of the 20 women will be selected for a study tour to Denmark. The tour will contain a combination of courses about the Danish political parties and women’s political participation in Denmark as well as exchange of experiences and practical knowledge with some of the Danish parties and female politicians.

Additionally, the whole project will be documented in film in order to further promote the 20 future leaders and promote female leaders in Tunisia in general. Thus, the documentary will be shared with other feminist organizations so that they can benefit from experiences gained from the project.

Recent events and elections have shown that not much has happened in Tunisia regarding women’s access to the political sphere. In the October elections 2011, 59 women were elected to the constituent assembly, which is 27% of all the seats, despite the adopted law of gender parity on the electoral lists. This shows that gender equality within political parties is not a top priority (since most lists ended up with a man on top of the list and most parties – except the major ones – only had one candidate elected). Apart from the political parties there is also a need to raise public awareness of women as leaders through the media.