Many development organisations have incorporated gender, equality and women's rights into their general aims. 
In order facilitate this work two resource guides have been produced: 


Gender and Rights – a Resource Guide centers on a rights based approach to working with gender for development organisations. The guide introduces a number of tools to apply gender and rights concepts to specific issues and challenges in development practice.

Facilitators Guide for Gender Training, is aimed at facilitators and their training of others in their organisations in working with gender and rights. 


The guides were originally produced in cooperation with the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam for the network organisations Gendernet, which encompassed a number of Danish organisations, working with gender and development, and FORDI - Forum for Righs and Diversity, which succeeded Gendernet and had a broader righs based focus.

Gendernet and FORDI have both ceased operations and the original home pages are no longer active.

KVINFO contributed to the content of the resource guides and have taken over the responsibility for them in order to preserve the important content. However the versions above are archived version, in which the content is no longer updated and a few functions like external links might no longer be active.