Gender equality is essential: To the individual person’s opportunities to fully realise their potential as well as to a modern society that insists on everyone’s potential being realised. 
Gender equality is a topic that evokes feelings. The debate is fraught with stereotypes: From women’s libbers to career women, from quiet girls to male losers. It makes the headlines when issues of gender equality become concrete, but often the concrete examples are both oversimplified and caricatured representations that distort the debate. As a defining value in our society, the gender equality debate is central. That is why we need knowledge, analyses, and research.
Nationally and internationally speaking, gender equality is a matter of common concern. It is not only about women and men, but about equal opportunities regardless of gender. De facto gender equality can only be accomplished if both genders participate. The contemporary discourse on gender equality unites and addresses the challenges pertaining to the opportunities and rights of the individual human being. Gender, sexuality, and ethnicity must never limit the access to formal and actual rights.
Gender equality does not come by itself. KVINFO was launched to make a difference, nationally as well as internationally. 
We are proud of our achievements, our collaboration and partnerships with people who have something to contribute, with inspiring scholars and artists, and with ambitious associations and organisations. The progressive solutions and concrete results are a transnational inspiration, and the obstacles and lack of opportunities call for action that bridges continents and generations.
This strategy will show the way. It is to guide and inspire us, our customers, and collaborators. It outlines our strategic goals and thus shapes the course for KVINFO’s work during the next three years.
Nina Groes, director